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Korean hair trend – Digital perm style – Build perm

Korean new wavy digital perm style – Build perm – Hairdresser NICK Auckland- Jin and Jen hair salon.

What is the Build perm?

This hairstyle is a big and loose curl perm style. Korean digital perm -Build perm – hairstyle is recommended mainly for medium long hair, and it is easy to style and you can get a natural hairstyle without styling either.
The characteristic of this perm style is that the bottom of the C curl and the top of 1.5 curls match to create volume on the face line. you can get this trendy curls from hairdresser NICK in Auckland.

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Face framing perm style

If you want to make your face look smaller. You can get covered your chin or cheek with curly side hair.

Korean Digital perm – Build perm – Auckland

How much Korean Digital Build perm cost?

You can get Build perm hair style with Digital perm. It costs 250~ 350$.

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I have very thin hair. Can I get Digital Build perm style?

Due to the curl style is Big and loose. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend to get the Build perm style on thin hair.

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How long does it last?

Usually, Digital perm last longer than 6 months. But, the Build perm style last 2~4 months.

How long does it take?

Processing time is 2.30 hrs ~ 3.30 hrs.

Korean Digital perm – Build perm – Auckland

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